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Artists Fri 24 April, 2009

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Tommy Pickett
Phebe Starr Jenny Biddle
Mick Peaker

Tommy Pickett

Video of the evening

Acoustic - singer/songwriter

"When I was twelve I claimed ownership of our family's motley old record player and the odd collection of records that lived with it.... What I fell into was a gigantic love of songs.. the shape and size they can be, the way a beautiful story can fit into that package, the way it can raise bumps on my arms, and the way, if no-one is home, I could open my mouth, screw up my face and wail along... cos I knew ALL the words! Being a bit slow to think of things, it took me until I was twenty-four to pick up a guitar and a pen and try making my own... "

Tommy Pickett flew in from New Zealand a year ago, after spending the last four years there, gigging his brains out in Wellington, Hawkes Bay and all over the South Island, in any pubs, cafes, restaurants, festivals and Boats he could weasel his way into..
...usually solo, sometimes as part of the Violin-festooned duo, LUNARFISH.

Since arriving in Sydney, (apart from 3 rainy, broke, grumpy, hitching, busking, ... months in Byron bay), he's performed at Many Sydney venues, including "The Old manly Boatshed", "The Basement",and the El Rocco room at "Bar Me".

Tommy Pickett plays "Hardsoft Crunchysweet",original songs. He's blatantly folky, irrepressibly melancholic, flagrantly Kiwi, and inclined to the use of FRUIT refences when being romantic.

His songs are in the vein of Paul Simon and Neil Young.. with a splash of the Shins.. (He hopes)....

And, he's also REALLY tall!



As Tall As Me

Phebe Starr

Video of the evening

Phebe Starr is a young singer songwriter who is currently based in Sydney Australia. Feeling the need to express herself at an early age Phebe taught herself piano and guitar and attempted to play anything else she could find. Phebe spent most of her weekends in high school playing piano in a local resort in a small coastal town n.s.w.

After winning local talent quests and playing in venues across the mid-north coast Phebe dicided to move to Sydney to study music and expand her audience.

New to Sydney's music scene, in november 2008 Phebe won the SongsAlive songwriters contest. Experimenting with sounds, she uses irony and humor in her lyrics and would best be described a jazz/indie/folk.. www.myspace.com/phebestarr

For Bookings: phebestarrmusic@gmail.com

Jenny Biddle

Video of the evening

At just 24-years-old Jenny Biddle has earned a reputation as a very gifted and talented singer-songwriter, and is critically acclaimed as a truly great guitarist. Jenny’s repertoire also incorporates piano, adding a dimension that when summed up with her guitar skills and vocal sound, has drawn comparisons to the likes of Australia’s Missy Higgins, Toni Childs, Kaki King and Janis Ian, giving Jenny an ability to proffer a very broad musical presentation mixing mood and vivacity.

During her early years, (she was composing at the age of ten), Jenny won numerous school-musical awards and was honoured at the end of her school-life with performances at several prestigious charity eisteddfods following a HSC top-school result. Her performances contain a captivating energy that has audiences suspended in awe. It is as a result of such shows around Australia that she has garnered a strong fanbase so early in her career.

Highlights have included performing the Australian National Anthem for the 2008 Melbourne Marathon and shows at well-known music venues such as Sydney’s The Basement and Melbourne’s Esplanade Hotel. A recent winner of the 2009 Just Guitars Best Artist Award held at the Port fairy Folk Festival, she drew the attention of many new fans. It is highly likely that the summer of 2009/2010 will present many Festival appearances for Jenny.

Now performing with band, Jenny is due to support German indie act, Worldfly, in Victoria in April while launching her new single “Our Darkest Day”. A national tour promoting her second album will follow, and then rounding the year off Jenny will join Mick Jagger’s brother, Chris Jagger, for an East Coast tour. Jenny Biddle’s gift is a rarity in today’s cluttered music world.



Jenny improvises on the night - stunning



The Vicky Turner Band

Video of the evening

VTB brings a wide range of experience and talent to the live music industry. 

Vicky and the boys really know how to entertain and have a great repertoire of Blues/ Funk/ Soul/Rock and a little Jazz thrown in. 

Powerful vocals and great musicianship makes this band a real crowd pleaser.   

Vicky has been performing as a professional singer for 25 years working in original and numerous cover bands performing all over Sydney and doing corporate functions for companies such as Coca-Cola and 3M.  She has also had extensive session experience. 

Her performance peers include acts such as Phil Emmanuel Band, Mick Buckley, original band Friends at Breakfast, The White Bros./Three on the Tree/ The Casual Limbs, The Varmints (a nine piece Funk, soul, Rock band), Stormy Blues (Trio), and most recently in the last 7 years and currently still performing major Sydney Clubs and Pubs with her duo partner Noel Davies in the Duo Jamm Zone (previously known as Jamm Pact).

Jamm Zone has played such venues such as Manly Warringah Leagues Club, Collaroy Services Beach Club, Avalon R.S.L., Harbord Beach Hotel,  Time and Tide Hotel, Easts Leagues Club,  Dee Why R.S.L., Penrith Panthers, Marconi Club and more!


Vicky Turner


manly village church, west promenade, manly || 9905 7215 || info@TheManlyFig.org || www.myspace.com/TheManlyFig