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Fig Night 25th May


Ella Freestone
Tully Dingle
The Leisure Bandits

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19 year old, Ella Freestone is an acoustic pop, singer-songwriter from Sydney's Northern Beaches. Her performances and recordings have drawn some great reviews:

"Considering her age and ability to transcend genres, there is no doubt that Freestone will make a prolific addition to the Australian music industry" - Kelly Theobald, BEAT Magazine

"Issuing incredible control over impossibly high melodies, and with such professional, operatic quality, this young woman will not go unnoticed" - Tiffany Bridger, RAVE Magazine

"remarkably astute...one can't help draw similarities with young British folk chanteuse Laura Marling...every reason to stay afloat above a sea of mediocre folk-pop emerging from the current nu-folk movement" - Jennifer Peterson-Ward, XPRESS Magazine

"In a world of sugary sweet manufactured pop artists it's a great thing to find an artist as Ella who writes her own music and songs that are light years ahead of anybody else. She is a real talent, a real discovery and an artist who won't be hidden for much longer" - Chris Parke, Clear Springs Entertainment Melbourne

"For someone so young, Ella creates such beautifully crafted and honest songs...melodies that are fresh and brave." Erana Clarke, Vocal Director Australian Idol / X- Factor


Review : "Tully has merged his varied influences into a unique style of groove-laden acoustic mystery. His melodic delivery and driving guitar create a show that draws the audience into his journey."

Tully is one of the most eclectic artists around the Sydney music scene, popping up in ever varying guises: as singer, guitarist, bassist, percussionist and drummer with acts such as; 'Selalu', 'the shady band', 'Dave Calandra', and 'Aminah Hughes', as well as session work with many more.

Tully is an inspired and prolific songwriter, as well as a varied and fascinating performer.  His guitar playing is as diverse as his musical life in general. Developing a range of percussive techniques, he has achieved a solo sound that for most takes a 3 piece band to accomplish.  He is a self confessed student of it all, and his songwriting is becoming more poignant and touching as his journey continues.

Tully strives in all areas of his creativity to connect.  He draws on his roots of Irish ancestral blood, a deep seeded love and respect for this land and its original caretakers, a fascination with the stories and characters of our young colonial history, and his musical influences from all corners of our world.

Beth’n’Ben’s songwriting spans Blues, Roots, through Reggae & Jazz to Soul and Rock tunes. Their fusion of genres and tongue in cheek writing style consistently turn heads and get the crowd moving wherever they go. After doing the solo thing and playing in other bands around Canberra for six years the duo teamed up in mid 2009, and have had a ball with collaboration playing up and down the east coast of Australia.

They released their debut EP, Boarding Pass, in 2010 after being signed to Indie label, Manga Republic and toured it to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne before returning to Canberra to play the Australia Day pre fireworks entertainment to over a thousand people. Beth n Ben’s track ‘Little Lady’ has had some great success on Triple J Unearthed Roots Chart since being uploaded late 2010 with two weeks at #1, seven weeks in the top 5, ten weeks in the top 10, and four and a half months in the top 25.

The duo have continued to promote Boarding Pass with a bunch of gigs in 2011 including a main stage set at Summer Rhythm festival along side the Beautiful Girls, the Sea Shepherd fundraiser with Captain Paul Watson, a support set for Chris Isaak as part of the Enlighten Festival, and a Main Stage set at the Love jam Festival in Bondi.

Beth'n'Ben released their 2nd EP, Economy Class, in October 2011.

They will play the Fig as a 4 piece.


The Leisure Bandits are a soul band known for their high-energy live performances and super catchy original tunes. With rich harmonies and raw grooves, they have found the perfect balance between mass-appeal and musical credibility. They play music that everyone can relate to while maintaining a strong individual identity.

The Leisure Bandits have a consistent dedication to writing and performing new songs, the boys have developed a sound that is deeply rooted in the tradition of old school Soul and Funk, while also having elements of contemporary R'n'B, Reggae and Hip Hop. Lead singer Joey Gat lives a life that is a story in itself. This gives him endless writing material, often arriving to a session with a new track inspired by the previous evening's events written on a beer coaster.

With a performance style likened to such legends as Prince or a modern day James Brown, Joey is a natural performer with boundless energy and a captivating onstage presence.

Joey's twin brother, back up vocalist and lead guitarist Pukz, offers the other voice of this outfit. With a sound that's smooth and soulful he creates beautiful harmonies that complement his brother's lead perfectly. Being twins with a lifetime of jamming together these brothers have something we like to call "Twintuition" or "Twinstinct", each can musically read the others mind.

The backbone of this outfit is bass player Hal Strewe, who lays the foundation with his solid grooves and melodic bass lines that get everybody moving as one.

Ross Ferraro on drums and Danny G on keys and trumpet complete the band. Ross, Danny and Hal have played together for years in various outfits and have developed a great musical trust. This trust combined with the singers raw talent and strong bond, makes for extraordinary live performances with high energy and plenty of surprises.


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