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Fig Night 28 June 2013

The Rhymer from Ryde
Jeff Duff trio
2 shots

Graeme Johnston, known as "The Rhymer from Ryde", writes and performs both traditional and original verse following in the footsteps of Australia's rich heritage of rhyme and meter.

After meeting some colourful characters called "Bush Poets" in 1994 Graeme was inspired to combine his love of language with 25 years of theatrical experience to take his poetry "back to the people".

Video sample:

Video sample:

Often described as "painting pictures with words", Graeme uses his skills to draw his audience into his stories about our Great Southern Land and its people.

Whether it is his recollections of travels in the countryside, his love of our colonial history, or reliving the experiences of the bohemian residents of Sydney's past, Graeme is drawn with fierce patriotism to embrace the virtues that makes us the "Aussies" that we are today.

Since dedicating himself to a life of poverty (being a folk artist) some 12 years ago, Graeme's bookings have taken him right around the country. He has won the prestigious Banjo Paterson & Henry Lawson Adult Literary Awards, the John Dunmore Lang Poetry Prize and Leonard Teale & Bobby Miller Memorial  Awards. He recently won the Golden Damper Award at the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2011. In the last 12 years Graeme has received over 150 awards for his written & spoken Bush Poetry, Free verse, Limericks & Yarnspinning. His achievements in the genre have seen him accredited by the Australian Bush Poet's Association as a certified judge for both written and spoken poetry competitions held Australia wide.

Graeme also directs and organises Poetry events for clients well outside the Folk Festival genre. These include the Galston Country Music Festival (1999-2008), The South Coast Country Music Festival (2000 & 2002-12) Ryde Council's Australia Day Celebrations (2011), Granny Smith & Colours of Ryde Festivals and Hunters Hill Council's Moocooboola Festival.

Graeme has produced two books of original verse, one cassette and five CD's including his current release, the 2 CD Boxed Set "Home Brew". He is published both in magazine and book form, has appeared in numerous Anthologies of Australian poetry and appears regularly on radio.





In a flamboyant & often controversial music career Jeff  has released twenty-seven albums including a recent album with members of legendary British rock band Deep Purple. 

When Duffo took refuge in England in the eighties, he quickly established himself in the UK & became the darling of London's new wave movement during the eighties staying one step ahead of his peers with his flamboyant performances. The exhibitionism & visual assault so integral to British punk culture could have been a sequence from Duffo's own fertile imagination. 

'Duffo returned to Australia in the late eighties to re-introduce his powerful voice & unique style to the local scene. His recording & accompanying video of Lou Reed's 'Walk on the Wildside' helped re-establish his career in oz & has become an Australian classic. 

Jeff's leading role in the Sc-Fi movie 'Sons of Steel' also won many plaudits for his comical portrayal of  'Secta', a space-age scientist . The movie has become a cult classic & is still being screened at major Film Festivals.A theatrical extravaganza called 'Ground control to Frank Sinatra' which Jeff created & starred in, fused the music of Bowie with the music of Sinatra, became a huge hit with fans, selling out a season at the Opera House studio in 2005.Jeff's recent lead role in 'Genius', the Ray Charles gospel show staged in Melbourne was acclaimed by critics

“Sinatra, Presley, Jagger, Popeye and now Duffo” – Andy Warhol 1980
“It’s Bowie meets Lou Reed meets Roy Orbison meets Grand Opera” – Bear Magazine
“I don’t think it’s overstating the case to say that, had Jeff Duff hailed from a country in the top half of the world, he could now be as acknowledged and acclaimed as David Bowie or Lou Reed or Iggy Pop” – Glenn A. Baker, rock historian
“Jeff Duff is one of the most innovative and unique performers in this country” – Drum Media
“Jeff Duff is the blackest sounding white singer I have ever heard” – Alphonso Johnson, legendary bass player (Weather Report)



2 Shots is one of the top classic rock bands currently playing the east coast. A band of versatile musicians covering the songs you instantly know and love. You are guaranteed a great show...and you'll hear some of the most popular classic rock songs of all time.

The music is timeless and the band concept is simple. Their song list is made up of the biggest hits from some of the world’s top bands. Check it out.

This hard working band plays venues from Canberra to the mid north coast and everywhere in between, building a following with their energetic performance and attention to detail. 2 Shots honour the Classics like no other.
They are the Band of choice for Pittwater Council’s Food and Wine Fair having played the event for the last 3 years and have been booked again for a fourth in 2014.
2 Shots have been wowing their audience with powerful renditions of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb as well as Led Zeppelin's Since I've Been Loving You and many more that will have you dancing the night away.
If you love classic rock, played as it was meant to be played, then you will love 2 Shots.



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