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Fig Night 26 June 2015


Phil Fraser - on pipe organ
Divine Devilles
Jeremy Gregory band
All videos of Phil playing the pipe organ in the world's musical archives are classified top secret.
Video sample:

Video sample:

Phil was always musically gifted. He wrote his first song at age 5 and commenced early piano lessons. The organist/choirmaster at St Stephens church gave him preliminary lessons on the pipe organ.

Much later he obtained the A.MusA and L.Mus.A from the Conservatorium of Sydney while simultaneously taking organ lessons from Norman Johnston, Professor of Organ at Sydney Conservatorium and also Sydney University Organist for 30 years.

Phil was assistant organist at St. Stephen’s then organist and choirmaster at St. Albans Church in Lindfield for 10 years. He obtained a B.A. from Sydney University, majoring in Music.

There was another side to Phil's musical interests. In teenage years, he and his older brother listened to Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and other rock bands of the 70's. He started playing electric guitar and had a number of rock bands mainly comprising kids in the church fellowship. His passion for loud, heavy, guitar based music was a bit of a mystery to those who knew him as a lover of classical music. Phil never understood this, and doesn’t understand why the two camps appear to be so separate. His philosophy is that music is a language that speaks to the performer and the listener. He therefore likes to perform in a language that the audience understands and can relate to. "Music is therapy that enriches".

Phil did not end up a professional musician sometimes wishing he had persued his passion despite the almost inevitable poverty. His love for popular music has continued and he has played in a number of bands as a hobby. Currently he plays keys and guitar in The Swinging Sixties and still plays the organ in church on a casual basis.

At The Fig Phil will play the church's pipe organ - a magnificent, huge instrument, rarely heard these days. The pipe organ is the largest instrument . In former days, when everyone went to church and enjoyed singing hymns, the pipe organ was the best instrument to accompany singing; and it still is. Tonight the audience will have the chance to sing with the organ, as well as to listen to some well known organ pieces, classical & contemporary.


Singer/songwriters/musicians, Ali Penney and Dorothy-Jane, come together as the Divine Devilles. Two well-travelled souls, each with a swag of awards, a suitcase full of songs, their heart on their sleeve and a love of that sweet, swinging, shuffling, grooving place where blues and jazz meet. This is a powerhouse duo with award-winning songs, vocals, keys and blues-harp.  Plus bags of cheek, charm and pizazz!

"She gotta lotta soul,” says Andrew Junior Boy Jones. Ali has opened for an impressive list of legends including Johnnie Johnson, Chris Cain, Lucinda Williams, Cephas and Wiggins, The Tailgaitors and Chris Wilson.

Ali has been performing, recording, and composing music in bands for over 15 years. These bands include The Hippos, Midnight Ramblers, Supro and Wayne Jury’s Dry Bones as well as international acts such as Andrew Junior Boy Jones (Freddy King’s guitarist), Kid Bangham (Fabulous Thunderbirds), Lloyd Jones and Todd Sharpville. She has recorded with Fiona Boyes, the Chris Mawer Band and those west coast hipsters, The Vibrolators.

Ali scooped the 2013 Australian Blues Music 'Chain' Awards winning: Female Artist of the Year, and her band: Best Band, Best Album and Best Producer.

Ali Penney & the Money Makers released its first album, "Temptation" in 2012 and an EP "And On It Goes" in June 2013. The band won Sydney Performer of the Year in 2009 and represented Sydney in The International Blues Challenge in Memphis 2010. The band also received The Australian Blues Music “Chain” Award for Best Band 2010.

Ali plays her brand of Blues, Jazz, Soul and Boogie at festivals across Australia. She loves West Coast Jump, Swing and New Orleans music. In 2011, Ali was awarded Best Female Artist in The Australian Blues Music "Chain" Awards. Her album "Wait A Minute" was in the top ten in the Australian Blues Music Charts for 7 months. In 2012/2013 Ali played festivals in Broadbeach QLD, Brisbane QLD, Wangaratta VIC and Bridgetown WA.

Blues Awards and Acknowledgements
2012: Best Blues/Jazz Artist in the inaugural Music ACT Annual Music Awards (MAMA's)!
2011: Vocal Finalist in the 2012 Australian Blues Music Awards
2009: DJ scooped the Canberra Blues Society Blues Awards winning Female Blues Vocalist, Blues Song “Baby Rose” (co-written with Lynnie Gosper) and Best Blues Album “Hot Flush Blues”.


  • Wrote her first song at age 7
  • Fell helplessly and hopelessly in love with the harmonica 20 years ago and has been playing the Blues ever since
  • Fronted Canberra's The Dynamic Lifters from 1995 to 2002
  • Played harp with The VanVeen Band from 2002 to 2006
  • Was a member of renowned vocal trio The Blues Cowgirls from 2002 to 2005
  • Formed KarismaKatz in 2004
  • Guested and jammed with Dutch Tilders, Jim Conway, Damon Davies, Damian Coen, Kate Meehan, Ross Ward, Jan Preston, Glen Terry, KNiKi & Mike and the USA’s Eugene Hideaway-Bridges and Austin Walking Cane▪ Received numerous awards from Canberra Roots Music and the Canberra Blues Society in recognition of her harmonica, vocal and songwriting talents
  • Became a full-time musician after winning her battle with breast cancer in 2007
  • Recorded a new album every year from 2007 to 2011 including a 5 track EP in 2011
  • Toured Gals Got the Blues Show with Fiona Boyes and Ali Penney in 2012


  • Born in Durban, South Africa, Jeremy’s introduction to the diverse world of contemporary music didn't begin until his early teens. With nothing but heavy gospel influence in his house he started listening to bands like Boys II Men and Jodeci. He realised that pop music could also be really passionate and that opened a lot of doors.

    Jeremy soon discovered Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Sly & the Family Stone and many other great soul, urban blues, R&B and pop artists dating all the way back to the 50's.

    With powerhouse vocals paired with impeccable stage presence, Jeremy Gregory is a born entertainer and has the ability to captivate audiences from the first note on.



    manly village church, 4 west promenade, manly || 9905 7215 || info@TheManlyFig.org || www.myspace.com/TheManlyFig