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Fig Night 30 October 2015


Andrew Farrell (The Wizard)

Luke Escombe band

lephoto by Frank Farrugia

Kate Lush band
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'Wizard' describes not only a magician or conjurer but also a genius, prodigy, virtuoso or boffin if you like. Andrew Farrell, known as the 'Wizard', fits these dictionary descriptions perfectly. He is a performer of great humility, eschewing accolades, letting his music and performance speak for itself.

Andrew's rich velvety voice delivers sparkling articulation while introducing his audience to his encyclopaedic knowledge of the music he plays with light hearted humour while telling enchanting stories of the original composers , drawing his audience in to experience the fullness of his performance .

His inimitable touch on the keyboard immediately shows his talent, though it's best experienced at its fullest in technically demanding compositions where he is able to demonstrate both technical brilliance and a gentle lightness on the keys. Few pianists truly use all 88 keys, however Andrew uses them all, fingers gliding with ease and providing a depth and texture with the whole spectrum of musical colour, his brilliant use of vocals perfectly completing the performance.

Your first impression may be of a Peter Pan hippy, resplendent in his Wizard bandanna and jacket, his signature long pointy toed shoes and a very full Gandalf beard. By the time you've heard his repertoire you'll be amazed, virtually transported to another world.

Andrew is a phenomenally gifted and classically trained pianist with a powerful unique voice, able to display various vocal styles at will. His incredible music and song repertoire ranges through Jazz, Blues , Boogie, Classical and everything in between as he describes his musical journey from songs heard as a young boy at his father's table through to his own compositions on life's journey.

This seemingly non-conformist composer and performer may even cause controversy at times, as he appears to have 'fun' with highly individualised interpretations of classics, showcasing his ability to compose, improvise and breathe new life into the oldest classical piece.


Soaked in the spirit of the old bluesmen but with a lyrical style born of the internet age, Luke Escombe's music is original, energetic, subversive and funny.

Luke was born in London into a musical household. His father Alan was a successful rock musician in the 60's before moving behind the scenes of the industry in the 70s to join rock and roll freight company “Rock-it Cargo”. This enabled Luke to receive an incredible musical education, watching shows by legendary artists like Prince, Bruce Springsteen and The Stones while he was just a boy. At the same time he also fell in love with anarchic comedy shows like Blackadder and The Young Ones, providing the combination of rock and roll and humour that would form the basis of his songwriting.

Luke moved to Sydney in his 20s, releasing his first album as a solo artist in 2008. "Golden Ages" was a folky, mostly acoustic collection. But it was his second album - "Mantown" - where he found his true voice; returning to the blues, soul and rock music he'd loved in his youth, plugging in his guitar and turning up the volume. "Mantown" spent nine straight months in the top ten of the Australian Blues and Roots charts and spawned two unforgettable music videos for singles "Drop tha Bomb" and "iMan".

In 2011, after a long period away from music due to a chronic illness, Luke wrote and starred in a one-man musical comedy show called "Chronic", inspired by his experiences as a patient in the Australian healthcare system. The show received rave reviews and went on to comedy and fringe festivals around the country as well as a 9-night season at the Edinburgh Fringe. Parts of the show were televised on ABC TV in Australia and this led to Luke being asked to perform for three years in a row at Parliament House in Canberra and at the New Zealand National Museum in Wellington, and resulted in him becoming an ambassador for the charity Crohn's and Colitis Australia.

In 2014 Luke released the live DVD "Chronic Symphonic" - an expanded version of his one man show performed with an 8-piece band and a string section - plus another live album - "Live on the Coast", showcasing his 4-piece live band "Luke Escombe and the Corporation". John Shand of the Sydney Morning Herald wrote: “Luke Escombe is funny and brave, a showman and an artist, a brilliantly engaging lyricist, expert tunesmith, fine guitarist and exceptional singer. Seldom is such sophistication wrapped in a coating of such overt fun. Buy both. Hear him”

Luke's latest EP "Creeper Vine" features his long-time collaborators Aaron Flower on guitar and Jamie Cameron on drums, as well as legendary Australian rock-soul bassist Harry Brus. The songs proudly wear the influence of classic rock and roll artists like Chuck Berry and The Rolling Stones but combine them with a lyrical sharpness and urgency that speaks directly about life in the 21st century.

Luke lives on Sydney's northern beaches with his wife and son. Becoming a Dad a couple of years ago has inspired him to write a brand new "roots musical" show for families called The Vegetable Plot, which won the award for Best Kid's show at the 2014 Sydney Fringe. He works full time as a musician, writer, MC and speaker, making full use of the distinctive smooth baritone that won him the title of "Sydney's sexiest man voice" in a commercial radio station poll a few years ago.

Luke will bring his 4-piece band, featuring award-winning guitarist Aaron Flower, sensational young drummer Jamie Cameron and Australian music legend Harry Brus on bass


Funky Soulful Blues. Think Tedeschi/Trucks/Clapton Riffs with a dash of Aretha’s Soul and Bonnie Raitt’s harder rock edge. There’s an infectious joy that comes out of Kate Lush’s music. Her heart & soul are in every song and performance. Add great original songs, an outstanding band and go prepared to be blown away.

Mike Drayson - Sydney's 2SM on Kate’s recent album (Wild Captain Radio Tour) “It’s heart and soul on a stick. For me it was love at first hear. It kicks arse from track #1. Kate sings the shyte out of every song, the band seriously cooks & the production & arrangements are masterful. If it was a recipe it would be high end 5 star stuff. Make no mistake, this is something special on a number of levels.”
“Love it!"

‘The Wild Captain Radio Tour’ is a tour de force. The second album of this critically acclaimed artist, her first earned her Best International in the Songwriters Assoc. of Washington (U.S.), Best Female in the Int. Acoustic Music Awards (U.S.) and the Aust. Songwriters Assoc. awarded her their coveted Rudy Brandsma Award for Excellence in Songwriting.

Kate has just released a single "Do You Know What Love Is" with a new album to follow which is already receiving great support from local radio & the welcoming arms of music venues including The Blues Society's "Ladies of Blues" at the Basement in Sept.

Kate's band features the amazing Matt Roberts on Guitar & vocals, Tony Boyd Drums, Tim Wilson on Bass & vocals, Wes Harder on Keys & Dave Weir on Sax.



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