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Fig Night 31st March 2017

George Sich
George Sich at The Manly Fig

Sancha & the blue gypsies

Taya Chani

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George Sich is an award winning country/blues style songwriter and guitarist based in Sydney. In his late teens and early twenties George played with a number of small pub and club bands, competed in numerous talent quests and co-wrote a stage musical with the guy that ended up writing “Blue Heelers”, before throwing it all in to raise a family, start a business and generally get a life.

Now since the kids have grown up, he feels he has something worthwhile to write about in his songs, and the awards over the past two years support this. He has been compared to John Williamson, Brooks and Dunn, even Tommy Emmanuel. George’s strong acoustic fingerstyle skills are often in demand to back other artists.

South Coast Country Music Awards

  • 2007
    • 1st place Songwriting (All I’ll Remember)
    • 1st place Instrumental (Crazy)
    • 1st place Gospel (The Soldier and the Preacher)
  • 2008
    • 1st place Songwriting (Father’s prayer)
    • 1st place Instrumental (Pub with no beer)

Macarthur Country Music Awards

  • 2007
    • 1st place Instrumental
    • 1st place Senior duo with Cheyne Mastop (“I got a little drunk”)
  • 2008
    • 1st place Instrumental
    • 1st place Australiana (Spinning and Swirling)

Parkes Country Music Spectacular

  • 1st place Songwriting
  • 1st place Australiana (Spinning and Swirling)
  • 1st place Country Rock (I got a little Drunk)
  • 1st place Instrumental (Crazy)
  • Festival Senior Overall Winner.

2007 NSW ACT Champions Showcase 2nd place

TSA-SEQ National Song Competition 1st Place Comedy section (I got a little drunk) co-written with Cheyne Mastop.

TSA National Song contest semi finalist (Spinning and Swirling)


Doris Day meets Django Reinhardt in the sweet swinging outfit Sancha and the Blue Gypsies.

With a refreshing take on traditional folk, bluegrass, jazz and gospel tunes and a lifetime of performance experience between them, this joyous collaboration of some of Sydney's most respected musicians are headed your way.

From Leonard Cohen to Alison Krauss with a hint of Chick Corea, you'll be enthralled by this swinging quartet!

The full band is -
Sancha Prowse (Vocals, Mandolin)
Marcus Holden (Violin,Mandolin,Dobro,Vocals)
Garry Steel (Accordion)
Stan Valacos (Double Bass, Guitar).


Taya is a singer, musician and songwriter, born and raised in Sydney Australia. She plays in venues and festivals all over Australia.

Taya's band features some serious musicians, two of which have played The Fig with their own bands -

Rick Melick - keys (Joe Bonamasa, Eric Clapton. B B King)
Mick Malouf - bass (Keith Urban, The Waifs, Tommy Emanuel)
Matt Ross - guitar
David Goldberg - drums

"In my recent travels to the Southern States of America I have witnessed where the music in my heart was born (New Orleans, Mississippi and Memphis) and have come back home with belief, great drive and great inspiration.

My dad was a great musician, singer, songwriter in many bands over his time and my mother a strong supporter and music lover. I attended plenty of gigs in the womb and as a baby, back stage in green rooms, taking it all in. My 3 sisters and I have been raised with music playing a huge part in our lives.

We lost our dad in 2013 to skin cancer, but I still hear his words and feel his presence encouraging me in my one passion that my heart truly recognizes. Music and art is my life and even though its a hard road, it's the only road for me."



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