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Fig Night 2 February 2018



Dee Minor & the Dischords
Dee Minor
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Dee Minor & the Dischords are psycho pub rock legends.

In 1979 they startled the Sydney pub circuit with a lead singer who wanted to shock audiences. By 1982 they were drawing large crowds as they ripped up stages with their wild brand of rock and live on-stage energies.

The band became a “minor” legend in Australian rock and roll, often outdrawing major artists with top ten records at the time. They played with Midnight Oil, Radiators, Cold Chisel, The Angels, MiSex, Swanee, Choirboys, Divinyls, INXS, Matt Finish, Mental As Anything, IceHouse and Rose Tattoo.

At the end of 1982, Dee Minor released an EP through RCA. The band continued to grow in stature and draw large crowds with their unique and wild on-stage antics. By 1983, there was nothing “Minor” about this band. Pubs filled across Sydney and the booze flowed wherever they played.

During this time, Dee Minor could often be found hanging upside down like a bat off the front lighting rig. In fact any venue that had a pole indoors generally found him climbing it. Taking the mickey out of himself and others, the show was at times full on, and at other times rather comical.

Now thirty years, on the main line-up reforms occasionally for limited and selected shows and they promise that none of the magic and energy will be lost!

Entry in Australian Music History

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