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Fig Night 23rd March 2018

The Good Lovelies
Daddy Longlegs w/ Swamp Donkeys

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Alana-Lee is a Sydney based singer, songwriter and pianist performing an original mix of contemporary pop, soul, folk and jazz music. Her songs provide social, emotional and political commentary on life experiences and observations.

Her debut EP 'Freedom In The Fall' was recorded with Josh Schuberth at Love Hz Studios and released November 2016. Her songs Walking for Water, Freedom In The Fall and Russian Doll have been supported by community radio including 4ZZZ (QLD), VoxFM (NSW), 3MDR (VIC), 3BBB 99.9 Voice FM (VIC), 979FM (VIC), 2LVR Valley FM (NSW). ‘Walking for Water’ has also been named as a semi-finalist in the 2016 International Songwriting Competition.

A colourful student of life, a thinker, a creator, a lover of original music and world travel. Influenced by Michael Buble, Fiona Apple, Eva Cassidy, Lana del Ray, Cat Power and Massive Attack, Alana-Lee has brought her intimate solo show to venues across the UK, Australia and the USA.

‘Alana-Lee then brought back the piano/vocal aesthetic..and was possibly the most impressive of the lot…her most impressive number was certainly Walking for Water, a song that recounts the hardship she witnessed while traveling through Africa.’ the AU Review.


Funny and upbeat, with just a pinch of sass, the Good Lovelies‘ textbook three-part harmonies, constant instrument swapping and witty on-stage banter have enlivened the folk music landscape since they joined forces in 2006 for their first show at Toronto’s funky Gladstone Hotel.

Their tireless rain or shine outlook and undeniable mutual respect have helped the trio weather years of constant touring. With jaunts to Australia, the UK and the US the Good Lovelies’ road-tested tenacity will bring them further afield than ever before.

Lighthearted songwriting and irresistibly buoyant dispositions have made them the darlings of the summer festival circuit, including spots at the storied Mariposa and Hillside Festivals and the Montreal Jazz Festival. They have toured with Stuart McLean and the Vinyl Cafe and appeared on stages and in studios with Broken Social Scene, Kathleen Edwards and Jill Barber.

In addition to their acclaimed holiday album, Under the Mistletoe (2009), which showcases old and new seasonal tunes (including three original songs), the Good Lovelies’ self-titled full-length album (also released in 2009) proved their blithe brand of folk music has year-round appeal. With this record, the Good Lovelies won New Emerging Artist at the Canadian Folk Music Awards. In 2010, this same album received a Juno for Roots/Traditional Album of the Year.

Let the Rain Fall, their third full-length album, was recently nominated for the 2012 Juno for Roots/Traditional Album of the Year.  With equal parts city and country, highway and home, wistfulness and sass, the Good Lovelies’ good humour and self-assurance shines through from the toe-tapping start of “Made for Rain” to the sweet final notes in the French-flecked “Mrs. T.” In between, you’ll hear reflections on urban imperfections with “Backyard”, straight-up love songs like “Best I Know” and upbeat numbers like “Kiss Me in the Kitchen.”


From the murky depths of the Balgowlalooga swamp, rises the smokey mud stained rhythms of the Swamp Donkeys.

Riding astride the donkeys like a golf ball balanced on eight toothpicks is the auburn vagabond known as Mr Daddy Long Legs. He can be heard growling his "Gut Butter Blues" throughout the urban forest.

When these creatures of musical madness step together, the sound of their march is like an infusion of blues/rock/rambles.

Their journey has taken them to various festivals and venues throughout the distant corners of Australia.

Once bitten by their muscular mating songs, the venom spreads through your system with an addictive force causing its victim to dance like a possessed penguin on crack. A musical experience that has to be seen to be believed. They are: Aaron 'Daddy Long Legs' Houston - Guitar/vocals, Jay McCray - Harp, Stevie de Wilde - Drums, Felix Funk Master Flex Akurangi - Bass

We love their music and the energy they transmit to the audiences.










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