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18/2/2002 Site complete again

We're trying Bigpond as an ISP again (this time with cable) so our full site is back up with photos

1/10/2001 Home

Hello Everyone

We are home. We are looking forward to catching up with you guys.

Home is beautiful but not what it was before we left. We have been spoilt by possibly the trip of our lifetime.

Stress is abundant as our job market in IT has collapsed as has the 2nd hand motorhome market and the share market. In other words we are skint with no signs of improvement.

Nonetheless we will push on and take whatever the best alternatives turn out to be in the coming weeks. If you don't hear from us soon CALL US!

4/9/2001 Perth

Hello Everyone

We are enjoying our time in Perth, staying with family. Steve has already started following up on work prospects - but the industry seems slow - AMEX is transferring most of the work to TCS - an outsourcing company that is Indian and employs workers from India. I wish the government would realise that the tech skills shortage in Australia is a myth and stop giving what jobs are left to overseas people here on special work visas.

Our trip from the north has been fatastic - especially Shark Bay, Monkey Mia - a dream for some. We had our fill of dolphins and feel spoiled by the experience. Please check out the link to Perth.

21/8/2001 Carnarvon

Hello Everyone

Our travels down from Broome have been fantastic. Directly south of Broome we indulged our need for beaches - collectng great shells. Next we visited the Pilbara - which included the awesome Karijini National Park. This proved to be the best experience so far for the great adventrers - have conquered the miracle mile - a stretch that only a few visitors do - as it is dangerous and difficult. The gorges and canyons are the best. You should enjoy these photos! Then we visited Exmouth - and had a great dive with mantas and we saw humpback whales up close.

Next was the Ningaloo Reef area for amazing sea life experiences: snorkelling in abundant coral with an amazing variety and numbers of fish, and a great walk along a ridge top in the Cape Range National Park. These will be in the next web page.... The Pilbara has been a marvellous part of Australia - an area little spoken about back in Sydney.

Our next area was Coral Bay and north of Carnarvon - the Blowholes for more snorkelling and fish feeding. We're stocking up on food (including prawns) and then to the famous Monkey Mia area (which apparently isn't as good as its reputation) and Kalbari. Then we'll wander through the wild flowers of the Geraldton area en route to Perth. We've updated the ITINERARY!

Vodafone has agreed to allow us to use our mobile for internet use during our trip - which we a re pleased about. Just shows you - keep hasseling. Take care. xxx

(Zoe is phoning a couple of friends and is literally jumping while she speaks - so excited.)

22/7/2001 Broome

Hello Everyone

We've enjoyed the Kimberlies immensely and are now heading south along the west coast (and Pilbara region). Hope you enjoy the latest.We've been through one of our most remote areas - without Vodafone access - and hence no email / internet and mobile phone. So - Broome, and a few places down the coast will keep us in contact. And for the continuing Vodafone / Cellular One issue with our mobile phone use - they are not planning to honor their contract so far - so be warned dealing with this company. It may be a company policy that says deny initially (it's cheap). If we don't go away, then maybe take it more seriously. We plan to take some action we we get home. (We had a bullying experience with an insurance company years ago - who backed out and settled, the day before we were taking them to court.)

Dad and Jo Elliot met us in Fitzroy Crossing a few days ago - it was great to see them. We caught up with Sydney family goss which was great. We travelled around the Kimberlies and Derby and all of us are now in Broome.

13/6/2001 Katherine..Wednesday......

Hello Everyone

Realised that we had not put Uluru segment on the web site.... so you can check it out now. We're now in Katheine - about to head west in a couple of days. Web page from Darwin to Katherine now up.

Depending on what happens with Vodafone - we may be out of action in the next week via our mobile. This will affect the email and phone messages. Vodafone does not seem to be honoring the contract that was sold to us by its agent and is not letting us use email. You can try leaving a phone message on 04044 99401.

30/5/2001 Wednesday Darwin

Hello Everyone

Alice Spings to Darwin page is now available. Our communications may be a bit slower - we've found out that our mobile phone can't be used for internet connection without paying a small fortune. We will still check small emails (<100KB) occassionally.

27/5/2001 Sunday Kakadu

Hello Everyone

Alice Spings Area has been put upon the web. Have fun... Next will come Tennant Creek -> Kakadu when we get to Darwin in a few of days.

Love Elliot

3/5/2001 Thursday Alice Springs

Hello Everyone! Hope you are well.

Relaxing in Alice Springs - enjoying a camping ground with GRASS! Now catching up with mail. Everyone is getting on well and getting into a rythm - mixing site seeing with education. Jake did his English essay exam today - which we'll post off. We're enjoying our trip immensely - you can see by the photos.

We've just posted up 3 new pages: from Goolwa to Port Augusta, Port Augusta to the Centre and then a Summay up to Alice - noting how the travelling style is going. Hope you enjoy them. Feel free to give us some feedback - especially if certain photos don't come trhough. They do take a long time to download - as there are so many.... but the download starts from the top.... so by the time you reach the bottom, those phosos should be there.

Thanks for keeping emails free of lengthy attachments. eg. a 700K attachment sent by junk mail took 45 mins to download (due to 2 attempts). We had to download it as it blocks the set of downloads. 45 mins on a mobile phone is not good. As a guide, any attachment should be less than 60K.

18/3/2001 Sunday Departure from Sydney

The Elliots are taking a trip around Australia in a mobile home (Winnebago - Mazda T4000 diesel.

We'll leave 18 March, 2001 and get back into Sydney before the start of 4th term of school.

Jake and Zoe will be home schooled during this time.  A major project will keep them busy - integrating several learning areas.